HPP Dips and Salsas


A great example of the multitude of food products that HPP is improving is non-cooked salsa, salad dressing, and a growing amount of non-cooked dips.

The non-cooked salsa or dip is packaged once ready (placed into water resistant and flexible packaging) and if put through the HPP process. This process permits the salsa or dip to have an increased shelf life and still allows it to maintain its fresh quality and its nutritional value by not subjecting the food to any type of heat.

Foods like guacamole, hummus, dressings with a dairy base, and fresh tomato sauces (to name a few) are items that are sensitive and can be altered quite a bit  when they are given the typical thermal pasteurization or processed with acids, food additives, or artificial elements to help give them a longer shelf life. HPP makes it possible to have all of these sensitive items fresh and natural without adding elements that cover their true taste and excellent quality.  When refrigerated, consumers are also able to enjoy its longer shelf life.