HPP Juice

Juice. Your favorite probably instantly pops into mind when you hear the word, whether it’s a thick smoothie packed with all of the rich nutrients you need to start your day, or just a simple glass of OJ that goes perfectly with your balanced breakfast every morning. Maybe it’s something you splurge on during lunch, or a fond memory of growing up. Juices come in a myriad of varieties and flavors, from a whole host of companies. And it’s important that here in Los Angeles, juices going out to make the world a little happier need to be processed in a safe, healthy way that doesn’t take an ounce out of their goodness.

That’s where we come in. Here at HPPLA, companies that use our equipment are in the business of high pressure processing juice, which is one of the most effective, safe ways to ensure that your favorite juice will still have that “freshness” attached to them when they get from the fruit to your mouth.

The beauty of HPP juice is that is doesn’t need extra preservatives, or various chemicals that may throw off the distinct flavors and textures that it was made with. With HPP juices won’t change taste, smell, color or texture, which can often be a natural fallout caused by thermal or chemical processing.

Instead, the cold water pressuring process, known as high pressure pasteurization or high pressure processing—sometimes referred to as “Pascalization”—eliminates pathogenic microbes that can cause harmful bacteria and other foreign agents to exist in the juice in a safe and healthy way.

How Does High Pressure Processing Juice Work?

High pressure processing is a simple alternative to heat-based thermal processing, and also is a safer, more natural alternative to chemical processing. It ultimately utilizes cold water to exert equal pressure around food or juices to denature proteins and render harmful agents inactive.

This inactivation process, which kills such microorganism as yeast, bacteria and mold, relies on hydrostatic pressure that that works through the machine on the pre-packaged juices to eliminate the harmful pathogens while not eliminating any of the nutritional benefits, and extending the product’s overall shelf life, but not significantly changing any sort of chemical makeup.

It starts with the juices. First you take the bottled juices, and load them in bundles into the chambers. Once in the high pressure chamber, the tanks are filled with low pressure, cold water that eliminates any air from the tank. This way, once the pressurizing process begins, equal force is being exerted on all parts of the bottle, eliminating any kind of leaking, or popping.

Once the water begins to fill the tank, more than 50,000psi of pressure is exerted on the juice. This can last for a period of up to 15 minutes, with intermittent or constant pressure being applied. During this time, the cell walls of harmful bacteria are broken down and rendered inactive, making them safer to drink, and prolonging their shelf life. Then the water is drained, the bottles are removed from the chamber, and they are moved along to be dried and labeled and shipped.



Think of it this way: this process is even used on guacamole, any wont change its taste, texture, or color. Avocados are known to be an especially gentile food, especially once they are peeled. If exposed to heat or air, they can quickly turn brown, and with preservatives, it’s very easy to notice the difference in flavor between good, natural guacamole and the fake stuff.

So that’s the process that our equipment applies to juices! High pressure processed juice is an environmentally conscious, responsible way to maintain distribution of healthy, delicious juices all across the country, without having to sacrifice on taste or quality.

Here at HPPLA, our mission is to be able to provide this kind of quality to companies all across the Los Angeles area. From Pasadena to Santa Monica, Culver City to Boyle Heights, we know the value of good, organic juices, and want to make high pressure juice processing available to everyone with our equipment. Whether you’re just a guest visiting, and you get a taste of some of the incredible flavors Los Angeles has to offer while hiking up near the Getty Museum, or you’re experiencing the culinary masterpieces at restaurants across Downtown LA, and at hotels like the Standard.

To explore HPP juice processing more, and to find out what HPPLA can do for you and your fresh, delicious juices, contact us today!